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July 4th Celebration THANKS!
The Lacamas Shores 4th of July Celebration was a great success and everyone had a fun time. Special thanks to Alison Benjamin and Molly Tuttle for coordinating this year's event. An extra special thanks to Cindi Marrinan for her guidance this year and for her many, many years of doing it all.

In addition to our coordinators, the following volunteers made this event run smoothly and provided us all with a fun time. Please thank our dedicated volunteers next time you meet them around the neighborhood.
Sarah Bang
Coordinating the Parade and leading the Lacamas Shores UDT
Susan & Greg Stuck
Organizing the Kid's Fun Run
Deb Mrazek
Organizing and managing all the food and drink preparation
Mike Niquette
Assisting Deb and manning the Tiki Hut providing a variety of cold beverages
Lisa Johnson
Carolyn Nigro
Coordinating and managing the family games
Additional thanks to:

All the grill masters who braved the heat to feed us a bounty of BBQ goodness.

The volunteers who staffed the welcome sign-in table.

All the volunteers who helped set up before the party and take down all the gear that made the day run smoothly.

Finally, all the homeowners who contributed and participated in this popular annual event.

Special thanks to Sarah Bang for the video of the 4th of July Parade!
Lacamas Shores 4th of July Parade 2015
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