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Joint Ad Hoc Committee

The Joint Ad Hoc Committee on Trust and Transparency is seeking input from the Lacamas Shores homeowners regarding topics under consideration by the Committee.  Your helpful and constructive comments or observations will assist the Committee as it moves forward to develop recommendations to be submitted to the HOA. To comment by email or to schedule a time slot to make a brief presentation to the Committee at their next meeting on February 18th, please send an email to


Neighborhood Watch

The Lacamas Shores Neighborhood Watch program is set up to allow all residents to alert their neighbors when they observe questionable or criminal activity in our neighborhood. If you would like to be notified, you must subscribe to the Neighborhood Watch email system. Read more about our Neighborhood Watch program and sign-up to get notifications. more...


VIEWS Newsletter

The VIEWS is the official publication of the Lacamas Shores HOA and is published online 6 times a year. Please contact the editors with questions. Check out Publication guidelines and VIEWS archives. more...
Current Issue:
VIEWS Feb–March 2016

Neighborhood BackFence

The Lacamas Shores BackFence is a neighborhood email list that allows homeowner's to contact neighbors about anything that is non-emergency. Please read the Rules & Etiquette and sign up to be included. The following link will connect you to the sign up form. more...


New Owner Contact Information

It is important that all new homeowners complete the attached “Contact Information” form to make sure the HOA has your email addresses and phone numbers. You have the choice to have them visible in the website's owner search or not, but it’s necessary for the Board to have this information to relay important HOA information or in the event of an emergency.

After completing the form, you may download to your desktop and use the ‘Submit Form” button to send via email or you can scan it or take a picture and send it by return email.  If submitting this form electronically, receipt from your email account will be acceptable in lieu of your signature.

Current homeowners may also use the form to update their contact information.

Contact Information Form



Lacamas Shores has many amenities and activities available to residents. Follow the links to get more information.




Lacamas Shores is an active HOA with a responsible volunteer board and ACC-Landscape Committee. Homeowners may access the Architectural and Landscape Committee guidelines plus the ACC form online.

Annual and monthly meeting minutes and HOA financial documents are also available. Check this website for board meetings, committee announcements and social functions plus updated board policies.



Contact Us

Lacamas Shores residents may contact board and committee members via email. To send an email to individual board or committee members choose from the list below or go to Contacts.


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